Monday, June 9, 2014

Well, it’s summer (p<.05).

Yeah, it’s summer.

 photo Lindy.jpg

Well, more than likely, probably.

 photo 7-DayForecastforLatitude4872ampdegNandLongitude11366ampdegWElev8758ft.jpg

Dawn patrol.

 photo DSC00424.jpg

Dusk patrol.

 photo DSC00456.jpg

Porch patrol.

 photo DSC00494.jpg


 photo DSC00610.jpg


 photo DSC00283.jpg

Dock patrol.

 photo DSC00360.jpg

Offroad in the Pintlars.

 photo DSC00552.jpg

Trainspotting in Glacier.

 photo DSC00262.jpg

A heavy walk in the woods.

 photo DSC00636.jpg

Playing with my old toys.

 photo DSC00411.jpg

The central Missions.

 photo 10300002_10203905555100410_9063206369426554191_n.jpg

Skipping rocks at Two Medicine.

 photo DSC00236.jpg Skipping rocks at Moose Lake.

 photo DSC00603-1.jpg

Training for the marathon.

 photo DSC00548.jpg

Celebrating it all with a milkshake.

 photo DSC00522.jpg

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