Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Deep in the Great Burn.

 photo DSC03901.jpg

Atop the Rattlesnake.

 photo DSC04068.jpg

For once, someone else's tire.

 photo DSC03944.jpg

Looking at Glacier.

 photo DSC03710.jpg

Up in the Swan.

 photo DSC04235.jpg

In the northern Whitefish, more evidence of last winter's historic avalanche cycle.

 photo DSC03824.jpg

Al (headlamp) fresco in Missoula.

 photo DSC04143.jpg

After more than a few thousand miles, a Michelin Runn'r gives up the tread.

 photo DSC04215.jpg

In the Mission.

 photo DSC04011.jpg

50 miles done in the Whitefish.

 photo DSC03720.jpg

Single-minded second gear to Stuart Peak.

 photo DSC04052.jpg

Downhill in Glacier Country.

 photo DSC03835.jpg

LOLZ. They closed Canada!

 photo DSC03805.jpg

North Fork twilight on the autumnal equinox.

 photo DSC03768.jpg

Home along the Big Blackfoot.

 photo DSC04038.jpg