Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Positive feedback loop.

Meanwhile, in Montana.

 photo DSC04831.jpg

Ready to roll.

 photo DSC04316.jpg

Killin it in Pattee.

 photo DSC04313.jpg

General consensus was that this was one of the nicest falls in memory.

 photo DSC04270.jpg

Cold day in the Seeley-Swan. That wraps up a summer and fall of biking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Good times.

 photo DSC04235.jpg

Precious cargo!

 photo DSC04130.jpg

Learning to make a calorie bomb: bread, honey, Nutella, peanut butter, strawberry jam, and fig spread. Nude.

 photo DSC04220.jpg

Stabbing me with bear grass on the Montana-Idaho border.

 photo DSC04461.jpg

We made the news!

 photo kpaxwx.png

About 50 came for our third annual milestone party. And only one baby pulled his pants down and peed on the shrubbery.

 photo DSC04524.jpg

Hiking the Stateline.

 photo DSC04336.jpg

Biking Gold Creek. This area was recently sold by Plum Creek to the Nature Conservancy. The land needs to heal in a serious way, but this is a major deal for Montanans.

 photo DSC04738.jpg

Climbing out of Goose Lake, deep in the Great Burn.

 photo DSC04653.jpg

Cowboy, spiderman, and a … hmmm.

 photo DSC04772.jpg