Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mucho la Nica.

Radiance vs. ordinary light. Reach for it.

 photo DSC03252.jpg

(Fourth of July Lake, White Cloud Mountains.)

We are down to not months, not weeks, but days. This is not the time to get lazy and complacent, folks.

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A week ago Kintla was swimmable, but doubt it now.

 photo DSC03412.jpg

My guess is same goes for Bowman.

 photo DSC03371.jpg

Due to decisions we’ve made, it’s unlikely we’ll ever live in a big house, buy a fancy new car, or eat at swanky restaurants when we’re not being treated. On the other hand, every weekend we can go out and recreate in one of the world’s great landscapes.

Keeping it real, part A: Bowman Lake.

 photo DSC03371.jpg

Keeping it real, part B: Stanley Lake.

 photo DSC03205.jpg

Keeping it real, and clean, part C: Sawtooth Mountains.

 photo DSC03203.jpg

Keeping it real, part D: Ovando.

 photo DSC02975.jpg

Keeping it real, final installment: Whitefish Lake State Park.

 photo DSC03556.jpg

Keeping it sweet in Ovando.

 photo DSC02976.jpg

Red Meadow Lake, Whitefish Mountains.

 photo DSC03603.jpg

Some new snow along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Whitefish Mountains.

 photo DSC03656.jpg

Whitefish Trails with the baby.

 photo DSC03588.jpg

Whitefish Trails on my lonesome.

 photo DSC03546.jpg

Back to Polebridge.

 photo DSC03442.jpg

Back along the North Fork.

 photo DSC03434.jpg

An end-of-summer paddle in Bowman.

 photo DSC03320.jpg

An end-of-summer paddle in Stanley.

 photo DSC03049-1.jpg

An end-of-summer wheel dip in Redfish.

 photo DSC03107.jpg

Hiking toward Sawtooth Lake.

 photo DSC03033-1.jpg

 photo DSC03007.jpg

Biking toward fall.

 photo DSC02986-2.jpg

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